Black Voices With Brandon Williams


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We're proud to introduce "Black Voices", a five-episode podcast series where we will interview notable people from our community. We'll hear their experiences and thoughts on the current racial unrest and the best way forward.

In this episode, we welcome entrepreneur, NBA, Hollywood, and MLB stylist Brandon Williams. Coming from the east coast, Brandon has built a career of his style, friends, and positive actions.

Brandon and Barney discuss NBA player's fashion style and it’s evolution from being hip hop influenced style, in the 2000s, to a new era of high-end sports fashion.

Brandon shares his upbringing and lessons from his parents that shaped his positive way of thinking. He also shares his humble Los Angles beginnings along with events that took place to put him in the right hustle mindset to succeed.

Lastly, Brandon and Barney talk about the current climate in culture and how we can all improve and be better educated.

Hosted by Barney Waters.

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