Black Voices with Obi Olime


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We're proud to introduce "Black Voices", a five-episode podcast series where we will interview notable people from our community. We'll hear their experiences and thoughts on the current racial unrest and the best way forward.

In this episode, we welcome entrepreneur and co-founder of "The Cut" a barbershop app, Obi Omile.

Barney and Obi start by talking about the recent protesting and messaging that has been seen throughout our country for the past month. They talk about people's energy and change they want to see.

Obi shares his entrepreneur story of how he and his co-founder started "The Cut", a barbershop app that allows users to find barbershops they like, book appointments, and pay using the app. Obi shares how social media has played a major role into how their app has gained over 60 thousand users and has helped book over 14 million appointments to date.

Barney and Obi talk about the evolution of the barbershop experience from what it used to be, to what it is now. Obi shares some great tips on building a brand with the resources at your disposal and the importance of good role models along the way.

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