Inside K-Swiss | Episode 07


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On this episode of the Inside K-Swiss Podcast, Barney and Omar, the dynamic duo return to bring you the latest happenings at K-Swiss.

Barney and Omar discuss the global sales meeting and why that is important to the company. Barney talks about “The Sparks” of sneaker releases and how that affects sales and visibility. They tease the next release of #TheStartup and go into detail as to why this shoe is on high demand.

Lastly, they give shout outs to @thecharlesbaker (Skinny Pete) and @maxarciniega (Krazy8) from Breaking Bad, @the.ford_sisters, Kansas City area, and @ashleyrunway CEO of The Model Experience.

Bonus: They leave the listeners/viewers with a giveaway opportunity to win a pair of any K-Swiss sneakers (That are available).

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