Voices of Pride with Detox


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In this episode of Voices of Pride, we welcome Detox, one of the most powerful drag queens in America.

From her youth, Detox has always loved fashion and stardom. Having the support of her sister in coming out allowed her to find the confidence to come out to her parents and also express herself as a lover of drag. That support played a major role in future opportunities.

Detox and Patrick talk about the power everyone has to share their voice on various social media platforms. Being open about who you are is powerful. Especially when you’re public about it. There is power in sharing your voice for change. Small voices add up to a larger echoing sound.

They discuss the powerful feeling of the protest celebrating Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ community both here in Los Angeles and in Chicago.

Lastly, they discuss the importance of finding a way to express creativity. Find your own niche and find your own story and stick to it. Even when your support system doesn’t see what you see.

“Everyone owns a lot of power in their truth”. - Detox

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