The Secrets of World Class Performers – With Dr Fred Travis and Steven Yellin #143


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Building excellence through Mind – Brain development.

A couple of weeks ago we had on the show Steven Yellin talking about his book ‘Simplicity’ and discussing his concepts around ‘The Fluid Motion Factor’

It was a great show and we had a lot of good feedback.

Some of Steven’s concepts around fluid motion seemed to really resonate with so many players.

The idea that we don’t ‘lose’ our swing but we lose ACCESS to that swing.

A huge influence on Steven Yellin’s work has been Dr Fred Travis.

Fred is a neuroscientist and he was able to describe WHY from a brain perspective WHY Steven’s program would work.

I managed to get then both together and we had a wonderful discussion about optimising your BRAIN PERFORMANCE.

Fred explained in such a lucid way HOW and WHY we get in our own way in terms of performance.

And more importantly how we can get out of our own way!

We looked in even more detail as to why ACCEPTANCE of outcome could be THE most important mental game skill and what is happening in the brain when we are in a state of acceptance.

We looked into the immense benefits of MEDITATION

In particular Trancendental Meditation

How to access the brain states more often that will encourage a ZONE experience.

Why having a daily practice is SO vitally important for long term development and improvement of your game.

It was a wonderful conversation.

Both men bring a true warmth and passion to their work.

You can only improve by looking into what they had to say.

Enjoy the show

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