Anthony Fasano on the Skills That Helped Him Engineer a New Career Path


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More often than not, the skills and processes that make folks successful in one business work in other businesses as well. I think that’s a big reason why Keen Wealth Advisors has been able to establish such a strong relationship with the engineering community in Kansas City and around the country. Engineers respond to our checklist-driven planning process because they use the same kind of diligence in their own work. And we love working with folks who are hardworking, curious, and dedicated to following through on a plan.

Another skill set that will position you to succeed just about anywhere: strong communication. My guest today, Anthony Fasano, was rapidly advancing at a civil engineering firm when he realized that the best engineers had mastered more than just math and design. Anthony founded the Engineering Management Institute, which provides career and personal development resources for engineers. Anthony is also the author of Engineer Your Own Success, Seven Key Elements to Creating an Extraordinary Engineering Career, and the host of The Engineering Career Coach Podcast, which Forbes cited as one of the 15 Most Inspiring Podcasts for Professionals.

Like my recent appearance on Anthony’s podcast, this episode will definitely appeal to the many engineers and employees of engineering firms whom we’re proud to work with at Keen Wealth. But the ideas that Anthony zeroed in on could get anyone thinking about skill sets that will help you further your own career, make a midlife career switch, or start your dream company once you retire.

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