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Any time you watch an action movie, you know that stuntmen are the reason your favorite scenes look ridiculously real. Some of those scenes are wild and fun, while others are seriously risky. Whether you get them on the first take or do them over and over, a stuntman is the one risking it all. Someone who knows what it means to risk it all is Aden Stay. Aden is a stuntman who has worked on a variety of projects, including hit dramas like Lost and Sons of Anarchy, and laugh-out-loud comedies like Workaholics. The list of his stunts seems never-ending and today he’s here to chat about his life in a dangerous line of work, the films he’s been a part of, and how he manages his job while being a father of two.

"In most cases to make the actor look better, the stunt man has to risk it all"- Aden Stay

In this episode:

  • Why Aden ditched being a typical surfer in Hawaii and joined a motorcycle club
  • How he went from the motorcycle club in Hawaii to being a stuntman in Atlanta
  • What is hustling for sets?
  • Why Aden chose Atlanta over LA for his stunt career
  • What it was like being part of Terminator Genisys and other films he grew up watching
  • The best stunt he’s ever performed
  • How they make dangerous stunts to look so real
  • How Aden deals with being away for months at a time while having two daughters back in Hawaii
  • Why aren’t stuntmen being recognized for their work?

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