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With the world in a Pandemic from the COVID-19 virus I couldn't help but feel disconnected from the rest of the world. The news was only reporting horror stories and I just felt like there was a more human story to be heard. In this podcast I talk to 11 people in different parts of the globe on what's been going on in their part of the world. I speak to a woman in China who's been in quarantine for 2 months without leaving her house. Another woman Mary Jo in Seattle and she recounts her experience with COVID-19. Johnny Lo in Taiwan explains why they are doing so well there.i also speak with people in Australia, Spain, San Francisco, New York, England, Chicago, and Germany.

In this Episode

- Mary Jo explains her struggle to get help.

- Ian Morris talks about his concerns for small business recovery.

- Mel shares things form the Flight attendant perspective

- Lariz walks us through the symptoms she had after getting COVID-19

- Marcus explains the steps australia's leaders are taking

- Raquel tells a perspective from inside the hospital in Chicago

- Darryl talks of NY pride

- Xiaocan describes the mental toughness to be locked down for 2 months

- Sergio express concerns for the older generation in Madrid

- Angie talk isolation in Milan

- Johnny Lo talks SARS


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