Podcast 57: Training, Nutrition and Keto Supplements with Doc Edwards


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Coach Stphanie discusses training, nutrition and keto suppliements with Doc Edwards. Doc Edwards is a leader in fat adaptation in performance. He has worked with Roger Drummer and John Mahoney to forumlate a ketone supplient. Doc Edwards discusses how his athletes have turned their health around to produce peak health and performance. Zach Osborne - https://docedwardsfitness. com/zach-osborne-motocross/ Svein Tuft / Barry Murray - https://www.patreon.com/ connectedathlete/posts Romain Bardet - https://docedwardsfitness. com/romain-bardet-cycling/ Principia Ketogenica - https://www.amazon.com/ Principia-Ketogenica- Carbohydrate-Compendium- Literature-ebook/dp/B00N0KGKNI Peter Defty - http://www.vespapower.com/ofm/what-is-ofm/ Miesha Tate - https://docedwardsfitness. com/miesha-tate/ Weston Peick - https://docedwardsfitness. com/weston-peick-motocross/ Ketofuels - coach@ketoendurance.co John Mahoney - johnfights.com Jeff Volek / Steve Phinney - http://www.artandscienceoflowcarb.com/ Follow Doc. Edwards instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ docedwards5/ facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ search/top/?q=Doc+Edwards Twitter - https://twitter.com/ DocEdwards5 Tianchi / Roger Drummer - www.herbworks.com Roger Drummer / Ben Greenfield Podcast - https:// bengreenfieldfitness.com/ podcast/supplements-podcasts/ how-to-treat-cancer-with- chinese-medicine/

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