Pornography: The Greatest Threat to the Cause of Christ | Rosie Makinney | Ep. 120


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Pornography is the most destructive force we are facing today - and by and large? We AREN'T TALKING ABOUT IT. (Excuse me for yelling, this is kind of a big deal.)

Hearts are being darkened by evil, brains are being rewired by overstimulation and marriages are being destroyed.

Here's some stats for you:

  • 79% of Christian men who attend evangelical church regularly use porn.
  • 55% of Christian men look at it monthly and 1 in 10 look at it daily.
  • But it's NOT JUST MEN - the fastest growing user group is Women.
  • The biggest user group is 12-17 year olds.
  • 1 out of 10 porn users is under the age of 10.

BUT hold on -- there is hope, healing and restoration. There is forgiveness through Christ and we can walk in the light, free of shame and deception. Free of slavery to this evil that so easily entangled.

We have to talk about this, Church.

Listen to my conversation with Rosie Makinney of Fight For Love Ministries

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