The New Age & The Enneagram | Marcia Montenegro | Ep. 112


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Today I'm airing the second part of my conversation with Marcia Montenegro. We're diving headfirst into the New Age and tackling some big topics like naturopathy, mindfulness, the enneagram.

Marcia explains the origins of these ideas, concepts and the enneagram itself, which may surprise you. To be fair, I have long loved the enneagram and how it felt like it explained me so accurately, helped me understand more about myself and others, but as I've learned more about its origins, I've taken a more critical approach to it.

But Marcia's biggest beef isn't that you identify as a "three" or an "achiever" but that the enneagram is teaching people to value experience over truth, a foundational teaching of the new age.

While I think there's plenty of room for believers to disagree on whether the enneagram can be "redeemed" (which tends to be the point of argumentation), it's important for us to take a look at the origins of what we engage with so we can rightly understand how we interact with them today.

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