Transformational Leadership Starts Within with Mike Sharrow | CEO of C12 Group


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Other Topics we discuss:

  • Why 89% of CEO's and founders are struggling in their marriage and how God can transform that
  • Mike's three important pillars of focus for every CEO
  • The reoccurring struggles Mike sees in every CEO and how we can confront them.
  • Why Mike believes we are in one of the best times in history to use the vehicle of business to advance God's Kingdom!

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Guest Bio:

Mike Sharrow Bio November 2018 Mike serves as the President & CEO for the C12 Group as well as serving on the Board of Directors. Mike joined C12 as a member in 2010 while serving as an executive pastor for a large church in Texas and owner of a healthcare strategy consulting group.

Prior to that, he had served in a variety of leadership roles in both operations and sales corporately for the Walgreen Company, and financial services as well as strategic development work with Health by Design. In 2011, he exited his commitments to join the local C12 practice in San Antonio as an associate chair serving CEOs across that market. In 2013, he and a partner acquired the greater Central Texas region and stewarded it as it grew to a team of 8 full-time chairmen serving nearly 150 leaders.

Mike is passionate about collaboration, strategic planning, Gospel initiatives and BHAG endeavors. Prior to his role with the C12 Group, Mike worked in a variety of industry settings including Walgreens Health Initiatives, TQ Strategies, Health by Design and Grace Point Church, yielding a blend of Fortune 50, SMB and non-profit leadership experiences. It was in 2004 that God first revealed to Mike the “sacred versus secular” divide he had been operating under and began to draw him into the adventure of living one life in Christ with work as worship, business as ministry and all of life as mission.

Mike grew up in Alaska and met his wife Jacqui while in college at Trinity International (TIU) in Chicago where they married in 2002. They have two daughters, Elayna and Sophia. Mike graduated from TIU with a degree in marketing, did graduate work at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) in theology, Loyola Graduate School of Business in project management, and is an ordained pastor.

Mike is passionate about discipleship, Gospel-driven collaborations, foster care, and integrated missional strategies. He believes the C12 Group represents a breathtaking platform to see leaders, families, businesses, communities and eventually nations flourish through ongoing transformation in Christ. Mike’s mother faced the pressure and possibility of an abortion while pregnant with him, so he is an advocate for what God can do through any situation or crisis!

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