Explode Your Network in the Next 12 Months with Travis Chappell


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Travis's story is a powerful testimony to the positive or negative influence our network or culture can have on our lives. He grew up in a ultra-conservative Christian community and thought that his only path to impact was in full time ministry. As he got older, he realized his true passion lie in sales and entrepreneurship but the community around him struggled to celebrate his calling.

His story of overcoming these barriers and forming a new mindset around faith, money, and impact is worth the listen.

Today, Travis is a well sought out speaker and thought leader in the entrepreneurship community. He has built his brand by focusing on building a powerful network of other influential people.

For the listeners of this show, I truly believe you are one connection away from unlocking new levels in your faith or business. It is often that one idea or one connection that opens up a new door to take life to the next level. If you are a faith-driven real estate entrepreneur looking to go to the next level in your business and your faith, apply now for the Kingdom Capitalists Mastermind. Visit www.kingdomcapitalists.co to learn more!

Other topics we discuss:

  • why established business will want to start their own niche podcast in 2020
  • the reason why Travis has invested over $150K into masterminds in 2019
  • Travis’s story from college pastor to full time entrepreneur
  • overcoming a fixed mindset about money

Guest Bio:

Travis Chappell is a direct sales consultant, real estate investor, and professional connector. He is the creator and host of Build Your Network, a Top 25 Business podcast dedicated to helping entrepreneurs cultivate genuine relationships, grow their inner circle, and leverage a powerful network the right way.

Visit www.Travischappell.com to learn more.

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