Funding Adoptions Through Real Estate Syndications with Whitney Sewell


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Is your why big enough to donate 50% of your business profits to fund it? In this episode, we hear from Whitney Sewell, founder of Life Bridge Capital. He shares his story and how adopting his first child and the challenges that came along with that event, motivated him to give away half of his profits to support his "why"!

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Guest Bio:

Whitney Sewell is a country boy from rural Kentucky. He grew up riding horses and has always driven a Chevy truck. He is a veteran of the Army National Guard and spent all of 2005 deployed in Iraq. He was awarded the Soldier of the year that year. When he arrived home he began working for the Kentucky State Police and courting his lovely wife, to whom he’s been married for 10 years. Whitney and his wife, Chelsea, have three children who came to their family by adoption.

They began investing in real estate in 2009 when it became clear that a career in law enforcement was not going to afford them the ability to live off one income as they desired. In 2017, they started Life Bridge Capital LLC, working with accredited investors and helping them improve their investment returns via the exceptional opportunities that multifamily syndication offers. Whitney has always had a passion for both real estate and helping others, and Life Bridge Capital LLC affords him the opportunity to do both, while also funding a very important cause that has become deeply personal. This becomes the best of both worlds for investors.

Through working with Whitney, investors not only receive exceptional returns financially but also change both the lives of orphans around the world and the lives of the families who adopt them. Whitney is quick to point out that while this is his own passion, he doesn’t make this the main focus to investors, but does hope a certain percentage feel good about what Life Bridge Capital does.

“We provide a fantastic return for our investors, and that’s why someone should invest with us first and foremost. However, it is my hope that this component of our business – us giving 50% of our own profit to adoption – perhaps helps sway someone to work with us, assuming all else is equal, of course. This is our calling, but our investors can smile knowing that just by working with us, they helped a little bit too.”

We have now invested in over 900 doors valued over $120 million.

Whitney is the host of The Real Estate Syndication Show, a daily podcast where he interviews experts in the real estate syndication business and provides essential content for his listeners. Life Bridge Capital's motto is: making a difference one investor, one child, at a time.

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