The Richest Man In Eternity with Noah Elias


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Other topics we discussed:

  • Moving from success to significance as a kingdom leader.
    Why every great leader has to decide to play broken.
  • Dropping the fear of being a poser and living into your true self.
  • Making investments that will pay off for an eternity.
  • Why risk and danger are necessary for living a life of faith

Guest Bio:
Noah Elias is the founder and CEO of Great Flood Publishing Inc. and Noah Studios Inc.. Noah was Voted Top 25 Artist in the World by Art Business News Magazine and is the creator of “The Kid In Me™” which tells the adventures of the kid in each of us through the eyes of a child and products can be found in Disney Theme Parks. His previous projects include Lexus, Toyota, MTV, Microsoft. Noah was recently voted by Microsoft as one of the 10 most influential companies under 10 employees.
Noah is the founder of NoahUniversity which helps equip and empower entrepreneurs into a successful business and lifestyle. Noah also co-founded the Master’s Program Online with Bob Shank which helps Christian Leaders explore, expose and exploit their Kingdom Calling.
Noah is the author of the best selling book “Speedbumps”, as well as, “#fearhunters", the life-transforming book which helps people remove fear and shame from their life so they may live in their true identity and calling. Noah's latest book which just released is "31 Disciplines for Highly Successful Creatives." A collection of Noah’s insightful, down-to-earth meditations on how to overcome the unrelenting challenges that creatives face on the journey to success. Noah’s creations have grown to partnerships with The Walt Disney Company, Costco as well as Lucas Film Ltd.
Noah is a founding partner of Monmouth Society for Kingdom-minded accredited investors, focused on: deploying capital, developing owners of portfolio companies that impact culture, fostering job creation, and wealth regeneration along with strategic advancement of God's Kingdom through private investments in Christian-led companies.
Noah and his wife Chantel are emissaries for AIDS Orphans in South Africa which help rescue and care for children that have been abandoned.
Noah lives in Orange County California with his wife and two children.
Learn more about Noah by visiting and and

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