APEX Express – July 9, 2020 – Of Forests and Floods – A speculative podcast special!


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Of Forests and Floods - A Speculative Podcast Special Episode In October 2019, the UN published a report that coastal cities such as Mumbai faced an existential threat by 2050 due to rising sea levels, if global emissions continued unabated. In this special episode of APEX Express, we bring you an audio story, an experiment in speculative multi-species ethnography! The city of Mumbai is imagined from the future, when the landscape has been returned to its prior amphibious ecology, after the Great Floods of 2042. Presented in the voice of the Aarey Forest, which has been on the frontlines of a battle between environmental/indigenous activists and the State since 2014, the narrative offers a retreat to the present as a moment of possibility towards a different future. Show Co-Produced by Anuj Vaidya & Preeti Padmini

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