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[1]Live from Jamaica, Caroline welcomes Jamaican Rasta Writing, film and film festival producing, author of 5 books, Barbara Makeda Blake Hannah. The first Black Woman journalist on BBC, she was nonetheless enticed back home to Jamaica in 1972 when Chris Blackwell and Perry Henzell offered her a job as Public Relations Officer for the first Jamaican feature film The Harder they Come starring Jimmy Cliff. Her book, Rastafari - The New Creation, is in its 7th edition. She was the first Rastafarian to sit in the Jamaican Parliament. The Moon and Venus in Aries, welcome the Woofy Woman in all of us, exactly conjoined Pacifica's’s Sun, Venus, North Node, “A woman bursting with gifts - more than she can hold!” - So it is with Pacifica, and so it is with Barbara! (With a fabulous clip from Fusion’s 2016 parody of Trump v Bernie, before dedicated fund magnetizing.) Rastafari - The New Creation [2] Support The Visionary Activist Show on Patreon [3] for weekly Chart & Themes ($4/month) and more... *Woof*Woof*Wanna*Play?!?* [4] [1] [2] [3] [4]

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