A Harte Appetite: Candy Corn


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Just about every major holiday in America is associated with its own signature version of what Jonathan Barlett, author of The Cook's Dictionary and Culinary Reference, calls those "sugary confections that feed our sweet tooth, rot our teeth and lift our spirits." At Christmas it's the candy cane, on Valentine's Day it's the chocolate heart, for Easter it's Marshmallow Peeps and come Halloween it's candy corn. Though candy corn is available year round, 75% of its annual sales occur around Halloween. Thus each Halloween Americans buy some 35 million pounds of candy corn which works out to about 9 billion kernals. Moreover, it's not just kids who love the candy. The majority of it is actually eaten by adults -- nostalgic for their childhood. Candy corn has even achieved something of a cult status. There are well over 200 videos on YouTube which feature it including one of a candy corn figures dancing to Michael Jackson's hit recording of "Thriller." All of this would no doubt have

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