Ep 75 - Celsius Network - Providing benefit above all else


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Celsius Network is changing the game

I was thrilled to interview, not only one of the Celsius Network top brass, but two at the same time. We rarely get a duo as dynamic as CEO, Alex Mashinsky and Head of Global Partnerships, Leah Jonas. I knew this was going to be fun and informative.

You don’t have to go deep into a search for the name Alex Mashinsky before you uncover a plethora of amazing feats. Not only does Alex have an eye for the future, but he understands what it takes to get there. A big part of “getting there” is surrounding yourself with amazing people and one of those people on this journey with Alex is Leah Jonas.

“Are you part of the problem or part of the solution” – Alex Mashinsky

With Leah’s energetic and inviting personality it’s no wonder she’s the head of partnerships. Now living in Tel Aviv, she is helping expand the reach of the Celsius Network. As a previous part of the core team in New York, she has a unique perspective on remote teams and how to keep them focused.

Celsius’s most well known feature is their ability to for individuals to receive interest on the crypto they deposit. Twenty years ago it was commonplace for the average person to expect to earn interest on their money deposited at a bank. In this day and age, people never have to go into a branch, yet parts of the world are now experiencing negative interest rates. Additionally, there are still entire populations and geographies with access to banking of any kind, let along the concept of earning on your savings.

Gain Interest on your Crypto

Celsius Network is bringing to the masses a new way to let your money make money. You’ll hear stories from both Leah and Alex reinforcing their beliefs on how blockchain technology can be applied to the world.

Additionally, you’ll hear topics like:

  • How providing benefit out weighs education
  • Alex’s position on how blockchain can disrupt the fintech sector
  • Leah’s stance on Venture Capital and the ICO model
  • Why they give 80% back to the depositors
  • How Leah has done a 180 since joining crypto
  • The importance of diversity and taking chances on people
  • Alex’s position on the future for his children
  • What each would change about the crypto industry

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