"It's Family Episode" (w/ Greta Titelman)


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The women who host this podcast welcome the ultimate human being Greta Titelman BACK to the show ahead of her Las Cultch and Big Money Players produced (!!!) character pod Stepmother: The Husband Hunt coming in early 2022. But, listen, if you want a podcast from Greta NOW? You're in luck! She's just debuted Senior Superlatives (presented by Headgum), which investigates the high school lives of Greta and her guests. Matt, Bow and Greta do a lil' bit of that here, as well as talk photoshop SHOP, review a recent trip to Halloween Horror Nights, and discuss being detail-oriented in work vs. life. All this, co-dependency culture, saying no, eavesdropping, candle maintenance, and engaging with people in your life who disagree with you over important subjects. ALSO: a tribute to chopsticks, Daniel Craig and "tributes" themselves ;-) lol teehee! Ya gotta listen to Senior Superlatives because... it's Greta! And no one's better.

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