23: Recovery For Life


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This week, we continue our treatment tour at Eleanor Health in High Point, North Carolina. It’s a new-ish (and pretty groundbreaking) outpatient clinic with a unique payment model and an emphasis on evidence-based care. We chat with our old friend, Dr. Nzinga A. Harrison, Eleanor’s Chief Medical Officer, about the clinic’s unparalleled access to MAT and their emphasis on a problem-solving, rather than a fit-someone-inside-a-box, approach to treatment. We meet a clinic member who, at 60 years old, is committing to treatment for the very first time. And we meet an incredibly passionate staff as they pull every possible string to get 100% of people who walk through their doors the tools to meet their individual recovery goals.

Please note, Last Day contains strong language, mature themes, and may not be appropriate for all listeners.

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