S03E14 - Rap and Hip Hop Mix (3rd July 2020)


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It's July 4th weekend in the US and what better way to celebrate than to go back to a show favourite theme as the Rap and Hip Hop Mix returns. Hear original tracks from Madworld, Anarchy Reigns & Cracking DJ, community productions from Hunnid P, Mr. Stream, the Overclocked Assembled crew & more, plus Columns music like you've never heard it before and another belter from an early 90s promotional cassette... Tracklisting: Madworld - Ain't That Funny Anarchy Reigns - My Town, My City (requested by INeedFruit) Crackin' DJ - Natural Flow (requested by electricboogaloo) Mr. Stream - αβγδ Hummer - Never Give Up (Advertise) (requested by Nicolaas Hamman) DiGi Valentine, J.ME the Sista' UV & UV Sir J - Tail Chaser The Oldschool Brotha - King's Tetris Toejam & Earl - Toejam & Earl Rap (requested by Virtua) Anarchy Reigns - Find You (EXPLICIT) Hunnid P feat. Doryan Nelson - K T E Cypher halc & Sir Jordanius - WhACKASS WORKShIFTS (Wacky Workbench JP) (requested by Frost) Radiowar - Amorelle (requested by Rexy) metaphist & Overclocked Assembled - Chaotic 5 (EXPLICIT) Happy Fun Time Band feat. MegaRan - The Last Soul (Live at Ten Feet Tall - Cardiff Gaming Festival 29/04/2013) INeedFruit & DJ Kino feat. KC - A Rap 4 Sonic's 23rd (requested by GreenViper8) Late and Live Season 3 Theme: Ben Briggs, PrototypeRaptor - "Rolling Start!" Game: Daytona USA (Arcade) Remixers: Ben Briggs (https://ocremix.org/artist/4651/ben-briggs) & PrototypeRaptor (https://ocremix.org/artist/4781/prototyperaptor) Composer: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Song: 'The King of Speed' Album: Featured on "VROOM: Sega Racing" (http://vroom.ocremix.org)

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