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For years the idea of a Podcast together has been on our minds. Aaron would pull Taylor's arm and mention the idea for years, but Taylor never accepted the offer. Days, months, years passed and the idea and question would only appear on drunken nights together full of future endeavors. The mics were pulled out and they started experimenting. Started realizing. After 6 pilot attempts, they found themselves still not knowing what the fuck they are doing but continued to try. There are many elements at play within Late Nights Production. This town all gets to experience each other’s creative outputs in new and exciting ways, every time they get to jam together, read together, or just shoot the shit in a smoke filled room. The Podcast, and Last Call will be the public front of a fuck ton of private practice and talent learning to express itself. Do not take the experience of community lightly. If this seems like something you might do Late Nights cordially invites you to go fuck yourself.

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