A Coronavirus Success Story: How A State Bar and Two Legaltech Companies Partnered to Help the Unemployed


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Today on LawNext: A coronavirus success story – how a state bar, anticipating a tidal wave of unemployment claims, partnered with two legaltech companies to launch a pro bono portal in barely more than a week.

On April 27, 2020, the New York State Bar Association launched a website devoted to helping those who need unemployment assistance due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The site provides assistance with filing an unemployment claim and access to pro bono attorneys for those whose claims are denied.

The launch came less than two weeks after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo reached out to the bar, asking for its help in preparing for the anticipated onslaught of claims. The bar, realizing it would need help from a technology developer, reached out to practice management company Clio, which in turn reached out to the pro bono portal company Paladin.

In barely a week, the three teams got the site up and running. On this episode, we hear the story of how they did that from three who were directly involved:


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