Layer1Live - Burniske Bullish ETH, State of Stablecoins, Blankos/Axie Infinity Announcements


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Come join Layer1 as we break down the state of Stablecoins, the latest on Ethereum community sentiment, big announcements from Axie Infinity and Blankos, and much more!

Telegram - - Fees = blackmailing of exchange?

Alex Masmej launches “Control My Life”

Quick NewsJPMorgan Says Bitcoin Crash Survival Shows It Has Staying Power

Galaxy Digital and Bakkt Unveil Joint Trading and Custody Service for Institutional Investors

Celsius Network announces community-based investment round through Bnk to the Future!

Factoring in "in-kind" purchases, Grayscale has only bought 31% of all new bitcoins mined since the halving, far less than the 150%+ many have reported.

Chinese Authority Freezes Thousands of Cryptocurrency Traders' Bank Accounts

China report claims a hacked crypto-exchange is behind three abnormal multi-million Ethereum (ETH) fees

DiscussionBTC and ETH options bullish?

Burniske ETH ATH Tweet - thoughts on what could drive ETH back to ATH or what could prevent it

Kava launches DeFi platform, minting USDX stablecoin and adding BNB as collateral. Are you confident enough in DeFi to use it right now, or just speculate with tokens?

BitcoinBitcoin miners made $366.4 million in revenue during May, despite halving

EthereumUbisoft launches 5th entrepreneur lab with blockchain projects

Ether Mining Pool Decides to Pocket One of the $2.6M Fee Transactions

Paxos and other stablecoins not actually as popular as it looks?

Ethereum Options Open Interest Soars 315% — Are Institutions Bullish?

EOSBillion dollar blockchain EOS is in trouble, research shows

WAX Announcement Falls Flat

Mythical Games’ Blankos Block Party Will Run On The EOS Blockchain


The total supply of stablecoins has grown 94% since early February

DEX tokens returned more than 5x centralized exchange tokens this year amid a slew of major protocol upgrades

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