Finding Meaning at Work: How to Manifest Your Way to Deeper Connections


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"Creating a happy healthy workplace is not rocket science." ~Briana Hawkins

Today's guest is Briana Hawkins. She's young, ambitious, and full of great ideas for bringing the fun back to your function. She is to lead the Happy Crew at Zoom and now graces the finance tech startup Built Technologies with her expertise.

In this episode, we cover:
  • How Briana shaped manifested her way through her career
  • Teambuilding activities for you to try from her experiences with Built Technologies and the Zoom Happy Crew
  • Briana's perspective on how to get more out of each situation

Meet Guest: Briana Hawkins
"I am a strategic leader with a proven track record in resolving organizational and human capital challenges within startups. An employee engagement subject-matter-expert with proven success in building culture, securing leadership buy-in, strategic planning, and talent operations. I am able to manage multiple projects while collaborating with diverse groups to achieve goals.. I believe that where there is happiness, there is productivity and efficiency."

About the Podcast
The Lead with Levity podcast is a show for leaders who care deeply about what makes/breaks the employee experience. Our guests are dynamic researchers, practitioners, consultants, and business leaders. We cover foundational elements that are needed to avoid forcing the fun. We also invite lively managers who lead with levity to show us how it’s done. Thanks for joining us on this journey.

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