Help! My Recruitment Tools are Screening Out Qualified Candidates!


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Managers: Is it possible that your recruitment tools are screening out qualified candidates? Job seekers: Is it possible that you aren’t getting the job you want because you haven’t optimized your resume? You are in for such a treat today, if you've ever been on the job hunt, and you've kind of been curious about how things work in the background, that's what we're going to talk about today.

My guest, Kyana Beckles, is the CEO and founder of Leverage Assessments. It's a company out in New York City, where they administer and help organizations with employee selection tests, assessments, all that jazz…making sure that companies are able to find good people for their positions. And one thing that she's going to help us with today is sort of unraveling and packaging, opening up the hood, checking out what happens after you submit a resume. Does it go straight to the hiring manager? Are they combing through all of the materials? Looking at every single word?

Spoiler alert--they are not. Many large organizations use software, and different application tools to help them weed through resumes, and applications. They're looking for keywords. They're looking for specific tags and criteria that they've set up in advance. If you're not savvy to those things, you could be missing out on a really great job opportunity. Likewise, on the flip side of that…if you are a manager and you aren't savvy to that, and you're not necessarily thinking about how that is impacting your talent pool, then this show is for you as well.

Kyana and I are going to talk about everything from how to hire for the kind of culture that you want to the role of levity at work and creating a team that is high performing. We had such a great time talking that at some point, I forgot to hit record. I'm gonna drop you into the middle of our conversation. I think it'll be illuminating for you. And I hope that you enjoy it.

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