How to Work from Home with Kids (A Team Building Activity for You and Your Kid Coworkers)


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Do you have a kid coworker? Kid coworkers are not the same as your coworkers at the office. They eat up all your food. They don't respect your meeting schedules, and they take a cut out of every paycheck that you make. It's just not the same. If one of your coworkers in the office did that… you'd file a complaint with HR. This episode is dedicated to parents and adults who are trying to get work done around littles, kids, and teens. How can you create a fun work from home environment with kids? Today we'll explore a team building activity that's based on our guest, Dr. Beth Brown's F.U.N. model.

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About Dr. Beth
Dr. Beth is a sports psychologist and CEO of Team Aureus®. It's a consulting agency that's dedicated to empowering individuals and teams to perform at their highest levels in sports business, and life.
She co-founded Super Power Golf. It's a business dedicated to helping women transform their lives on and off the golf course. And she also has a passion for youth, which I really appreciate.
Dr. Beth also serves on the We Are Golf Women's Task Force managed by the World Golf Foundation.

And she recently launched the Champions Mindset Leadership Series. I'm looking forward to this conversation today because we're going to diverge a little bit from adulthood to talking about what is it like to work with your child coworkers, and what can we do to ensure that we are creating fun workplaces, even when we're at home?

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