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Would you rather know exactly what will happen 6 months from now or have the wisdom needed to navigate whatever happens 6 months from now? Join me in this fantastic interview with James Bidwell, the Chairman and Founder of Springwise. James is also the Co-Founder of Re_set. Springwise is an innovation platform that promotes creativity and innovation across the globe. Re_set is a disruption, innovation, and sustainability consulting firm in the UK.

In this episode, we cover:
  • James’ view on the future of work
  • How Springwise elevates creatives by sharing their innovations with the world
  • An even bigger crisis that is on the horizon (bigger than the pandemic)
  • Examples of innovations in different industries
  • A ton of FREE RESOURCES!

  • "What is really encouraging is the capacity of the human brain to start to figure it out and not give up and to go forward and create new solutions." ~ James Bidwell
  • "One thing that I find really interesting about innovation is that it starts small, and it can feel like it's creeping up on you... like [with] Blockbuster...these other companies just sort of snuck up on them. But, they didn't. They were working diligently behind the scenes." ~ Heather Walker, Ph.D.

About Today’s Guest
James currently serves as Chair at Springwise, Co-Founder at Innovation and Transformation Consultancy Re_Set and NED at fast growing, Berlin based Invincible Brands. James is the Author of bestseller “Disrupt! 100 Lessons in Business Innovation” published by Hodder and Stoughton 2017 Sitting at the nexus of global change James brings deep experience and insight into digital, brand and innovation across all organizational disciplines at a time of unprecedented uncertainty and opportunity. At Springwise, James is immersed in the global innovation community with deep insight into the newest and most transformative new businesses and innovations from every corner of the world. Springwise is a “must read’ for global CEOs, innovators, investors, educators and corporates from all sectors. James advises many businesses and several government organisations. He is a visiting lecturer at the University of Bristol and Cambridge Judge Business School, participant in the London Business School Innovation and Entrepreneurship programme, committee member and judge at the World Retail Congress and mentor at Red Bull Amaphiko Academy. Career highlights include the launch of Disneyland Paris, the turnaround of Selfridges as Marketing Director, leading the renaissance of London tourism as CEO Visit London, launch CEO of Anthropologie Europe.

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