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Starting a new job is exciting and a little bit of a leap of faith this year for new employees. They aren't able to walk through the building and get a sense of the people, work environment, and culture in the same way. They sort of have to go on faith that the culture is as advertised. If your company went remote this year, then you've been scrambling to reimagine onboarding.
So that's what we're going to talk about today. What can we do to jazz up remote onboarding? Does it need more seasoning, onions, a little cheese? I had the pleasure of chatting about this (sans seasoning, onions, and cheese) with David Secunda of WorkBright. WorkBright is an HR tech startup that helps companies move traditional employee onboarding to 100% remote.

In this episode, we cover:
  • How to make onboarding more exciting and engaging
  • How to help new employees build personal connections
  • How to handle that pesky I9 requirement (a pandemic pro-tip)

Guest: David Secunda
David Secunda is the Founder and CEO of WorkBright, an HR tech startup that moves traditional employee onboarding to a 100% remote process that workers complete before they arrive. He has led numerous organizations including Avid4 Adventure (Founder & Chairman, outdoor adventure camps), PlanetOutdoors (Founder & CEO, online outdoor retailer), and the Outdoor Industry Association (President). He also worked as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Mobius Venture Capital and Sequel Venture Partners. He is an active mentor in the business community at Techstars, MergeLane and the CU Leeds School of Business, and has served on the boards of Entrepreneur’s Organization Colorado, RMC Health, The SCA, and was a founding board member of Leave No Trace. Additionally, he was the Governor appointed Chairman of the Colorado Department of Human Services Licensing Advisory Committee.

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