To Meme or Not to Meme: Generational Differences in Digital Communication


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We're kind of in an interesting time right now where people are having to redefine workplace communication. If you find yourself wondering what's appropriate, misinterpreting messages, or wondering how you can connect better with people you don't see anymore then this episode is for you. Today's guest is Dr. Mary Donohue. She studies communication patters within and between generations, and her focus is generational differences in digital communication.

In this episode, we cover:
  • What is digital psychology?
  • How can we avoid communication breakdowns with others?
  • How can we recover from communication errors?
  • How can we optimize or rethink the way we communicate with others to support levity in the workplace?
  • What are the generational differences in digital communication?

About today's guest:
Dr. Mary Donohue has an Ed.D in Leadership Education from Central Michigan University and is an avid cross-discipline researcher. In addition, she is world-renowned TEDX presenter, best-selling author, columnist and television personality. Her mentors include Paul Newman and Robert Kennedy, Jr., and many others. Dr. Mary has a passion for living and celebrating life and for a brief shining moment she will always fondly remember her time as a Supreme with Diana Ross.

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About the podcast:
The Lead with Levity podcast is a show for leaders who care deeply about what makes/breaks the employee experience. Our guests are dynamic researchers, practitioners, consultants, and business leaders. We cover foundational elements that are needed to avoid forcing the fun. We also invite lively managers who lead with levity to show us how it's done. Thanks for joining us on this journey.

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