Turn Problems into Possibilities: Spark Creativity to Find Winning Solutions


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We're in a space where we have to figure out what we can do to solve new problems. We can't solve them with old solutions. We have to find something new. We have to get creative.

The goal here today is for us to try and find new ways to spark creativity, and our guest is Kathryn Haydon. Kathryn is an innovation consultant, and she's also the founder of Sparkitivity. We chat about how you (and your team) can unleash your potential, how to think about problems in new ways and help others to do the same.

We covered a lot of ground including:
  • Kathryn’s story and how she got interested in creativity?
  • Kathryn’s definition of creativity
  • How Sparkitivity helps companies innovate
  • Common misconceptions about creativity
  • The biggest roadblocks to creativity
  • Are children more creative than adults?
  • What can stunt or shut down a person’s creativity
  • The key to unlock or grow creativity
  • How we can build a culture that supports this
  • An exercise that you can try to help get the creative juices flowing
  • Is creativity a skill? If so, how can we hone it?
  • What to do if you think you aren't creative
  • A creativity tool: The Innovator Strengths Workbook
  • The inertia of no and rejection therapy

About Today's Guest
Kathryn Haydon, M.Sc., is a keynote speaker, innovation consultant, and the co-author of Creativity for Everybody. She loves books and uses them as catalysts to inspire innovative thinking for educators and business leaders alike. As a child, Kathryn typed library information cards for all of her books on an old typewriter and alphabetized them on her bookshelves.

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