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Can eighteen-year-olds successfully manage large businesses if they have a conducive environment and a supportive team to back them up?

On today’s show, we interview veteran student operator, Taylor Nichols who shares his thoughts on leadership and delegation. You will learn how shedding your fears and stepping out of your comfort zone can catapult you miles ahead of your peers.

Growing up, Taylor always had a big engine for work. But he was frustrated with working odd jobs and earning minimum wage.

So, when the Student Works opportunity came along, he signed up immediately. However, it was not all smooth sailing for the get-go.

As someone who always questions the norm, Taylor discarded established systems and tried to run his business in his own way in his first year.

However, when he started with Student Works in his second year, he had realized his folly. And he followed our systems to the T. As a result, he ended up notching twice the revenues in his second year.

On today’s show, Taylor shares some of his biggest lessons learned after spending two years as a student painter.

Specifically, you will learn the importance of assembling a dream team that can get the job done. You will learn WHY you need to trust your employees and overcome your fear of delegation if you wish to grow and scale your business to the next level.


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • Why you should never deviate from proven systems and processes
  • How to assemble a dream team that will get the job done
  • Why you need to move away from working minimum wage, hourly jobs now
  • And so much more…


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