Sophie Walker - How to Drive Change in Your Workplace & Advice on Dealing With Structural Inequalities


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Our guest this week is the political activist Sophie Walker, the founding leader of the UK's Women's Equality Party and the current CEO of the Young Women’s Trust, who do brilliant work supporting young women across the UK.
Sophie is a powerful change-maker and force for good and in this episode, we discuss how to drive change in the face of adversity and how we can all turn angry energy into real, tangible change. She shares why hope is "the ultimate act of defiance" when it comes to activism, what men can do to further gender equality at work, and why if you're struggling as a working mother, then the problem is never you and always the structural inequality you're faced with.
Her book, Five Rules for Rebellion gives advice on how to incorporate activism into our lives, it's available to purchase here.
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This episode was recorded during the COVID-19 Lockdown, please forgive the poor audio quality.

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