#69 - A Leadership Wake-Up Call Driven By COVID-19 | The Economist’s Adrian Wooldridge


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If ever there was a singular event that brought to the forefront the influence - if not importance - of good governance, there’s little question COVID-19 fits that bill. Indeed, throughout the world, we’re seeing a critical examination of not only how effective governments at all levels are at not only protecting its citizenry from this global pandemic, but doing so in a way that doesn’t create long-term damage to their economies and societies at large. While in some countries this discussion has become highly politicized, the fact is leaders in both the private and public sectors have a vested interest in how well - or how badly - their governments manage this crisis. That’s why I wanted to sit down with Adrian Wooldridge, the political correspondent for The Economist who along with John Mickelthwait, editor in chief of Bloomberg News, have written their 7th book called “The Wake Up Call - Why The Pandemic Has Exposed The Weakness of the West, And How To Fix It”, to talk about what governments in Europe and North America need to be doing to not just beat this health crisis, but ensure we do so in a way that doesn’t permanently damage our economic and social infrastructure at the same time. Admittedly, this is a different conversation from what you usually hear on this podcast. But through my speaking work with leaders and their organizations, it’s become clear how critical this is for leaders in multinational, national, and regional organizations. In fact, I’ve created new keynotes around leading beyond COVID-19, as well as adapting previous leadership keynotes I’ve given to take into account the new realities leaders and their employees are grappling with and will continue to grapple with in the months and years ahead because of the fallout from this pandemic. As such, I invite you to check out this episode because whether your leadership is based in the private or public sectors, we all should be invested in learning what our governments should be focusing on to help overcome this current health crisis, and what role our organizations should play to assist in this fight. Noteworthy links: Buy Adrian Wooldridge’s book “The Wake Up Call” on Amazon*Is Your Leadership Lacking This Critical Element During The COVID-19 Crisis?3 Steps To Boost Your Critical Thinking Skills During The COVID-19 Pandemic3 Important Lessons On Crisis Management From The COVID-19 Pandemic *Sponsored link

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