Let's tackle some myths about the Great Tribulation from a Hebraic perspective.


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Did the Great Tribulation freak you out as a kid? Or maybe it still does. Did Yeshua talk to his disciples like they'd go through it? Does the ancient prophecy of Jeremiah signal hope or doom? And why does Hebrew compare the Great Tribulation to...polygamy? Regardless of your views, this conversation will give you some new information and make you think again. This is a takeaway from my newest Mishnah Snapshots study. We also talked about these questions: ~Did the Sadducees plagiarize their story from the Mishnah? ~What are the different Hebrew words for the revival of the dead? ~Is your Torah-observance powered by the resurrection? ~Polygamy? The Hebrew term for "fellow-wife" will surprise you. ~Is there evidence the Master expected us to keep keeping Shabbat? Watch the full lesson and check out this ongoing series by clicking through this episode or by going to holylanguage.com > Learn > Mishnah Snapshots.

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