Emergent Series: The Future of Physical Spaces for Work and Learning - Anne Bartlett-Bragg and David Shirley


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This episode is part of the Learning Uncut Emergent series where we talk about rapidly changing business models, and how Learning and Development can support organisations to adapt. Exploring how learning professionals can emerge from disruption as relevant and effective.

The global pandemic response has pushed many people out of physical workspaces. How will we use office spaces in the future and what will they look like? What about classrooms and other spaces used for face-to-face learning? Is it time to abandon the classroom forever? The contrasting pandemic-era experiences of David in Australia and Anne in Spain make for a lively exploration of this topic.

Host: Michelle Ockers

Guests: Anne Bartlett-Bragg - Founder and Managing Director of Ripple Effect Group

David Shirley - Partner at Flex We Are


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