Workers Comp Matters : Up in the Air: When Uniforms are Toxic


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Delta Air Line’s “Passport Plum” Lands’ End uniforms designed by Zac Posen debuted with much fanfare only to be mired in litigation once flight attendants started complaining of nausea, skin rashes, headaches, respiratory problems, and fatigue.

Florida personal injury attorney Bruce Maxwell tells host Judson Pierce how he got a call from a flight attendant with odd symptoms, then another, then another. Now he’s seen more than 1,300 claims against Lands’ End, which he, Thomas Holder, and other counsel say is negligent in the design, manufacturing, and labeling of uniforms that are defective and dangerous to the wearers.

Maxwell says his firm began testing the uniform fabric and found excessive levels of formaldehyde, fluorine, bromine, and other toxic chemicals.

While there’s been a lull in calls, likely because of the decrease in flights during the pandemic, Maxwell tells Pierce that new clients are still reaching out, and the judge overseeing the case is moving forward. He and Holder also share how his Delta clients were reluctant to file workplace injury claims against Delta because they are loyal to the airline.

Bruce Maxwell and Thomas Holder are personal injury attorneys practicing in Florida and Georgia.

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