AB de Villiers on the secret to his batting success, the challenges in South Africa and dealing with pressure


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I am truly honoured to welcome one of the game's greatest players of all time and the batter every aspiring cricketer wants to be - AB de Villiers. AB's record on the field goes without saying - as one of the most dominant batters of his generation, AB destroyed bowling attacks in every corner of the globe and produced a long list of jaw-dropping innings I still can't believe happened. While we were fierce rivals on the field, I'm so lucky to be able to chat to AB now as a friend, and discuss the art of batting, dealing with pressure and our entrepreneurial passions. This is one of my favourite episodes of Lessons Learnt with the Greats and I hope you enjoy it.

Episode rundown

02:42 We start by chatting about some of my favourite highlights of AB's career but go into the mental side of the game, how he prepared for games and his secret for success that he stole from the Aussies

17:40 - AB names his career highlights

19:30 - Here we go into the technical side of batting

31:20 - AB is a great player of spin, and here he talks about playing the turning ball and the batting drills he has used

43:22 - We discuss what AB does to keep fit

47:02 - AB talks about what he would have done differently in terms of the media during his career

57:03 - We discuss the financial side of life and AB's investments

1:07:35 - The mantras AB uses in life

1:09:43 - The people who have inspired AB

1:11:39 - We finish with the books that AB has loved

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