Ian Healy on keeping to Warnie, trusting your gut and staying sharp


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Today's guest on Lessons Learnt with the Greats is one of Australia's finest glovemen, hardest workers and best cricket pundits, Ian Healy. As a youngster I loved watching a fellow Queenslander dominate in the Test team and he's been a huge inspiration for not only me but thousands of aspiring cricketers all over the country. Heals speaks so well about the art of wicketkeeping, how he stayed mentally and physically fit and learnt to trust his gut when it came time to make decisions. He also tells a couple of great yarns about Warnie as well!

Episode rundown

01:35 - My personal highlight of Heals' career, his century against the Windies in '96 (link below)

03:31 - Heals names his top three career highlights

09:39 - Heals goes into the techniques he used to master wicketkeeping and the mental approach he used

29:34 - The fitness regime of Heals during his career

39:45 - Heals talks about how he dealt with the media and his time as a pundit

48:49 - We talk about wealth generation and how Heals has handled his finances

1:04:02 - The mantras Heals has stuck to

1:06:00 - The people who have inspired Heals

Youtube links

Healy's 161no v West Indies, Gabba, 1996: https://youtu.be/H0_5EVznV40

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