Rod Marsh on keeping to DK Lillee, the cricket academy and his golf game


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Today is a very, very special episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats. I would not be the cricketer or person I am today without the guidance and tutelage from my Cricket Academy coach when I was just a teenager, Rod Marsh. Rod is a legend as a player, forming one half of the famous Caught Marsh Bowled Lillee combination before perhaps making a larger impact as a coach and mentor once his playing days were done. Rod's insights into wicketkeeping, coaching and the mantras he lives by should not be missed.

Episode notes:

01:36 - Rod's career highlights

03:44 - The World Series Cricket days

06:35 - Rod discusses wicketkeeping techniques

17:40 - Rod reflects on his batting

24:15 - How Rod kept fit during his playing days

31:26 - Rod's coaching lessons he learnt from his time at the academy

45:26 - The mental skills Rod used

50:25 - What Rod instilled in the young cricketers at the academy

55:16 - Rod's finance philosophies

59:52 - Rod's life mantra

1:03:51 - The people who have inspired Rod

1:06:52 - The books Rod reads and how he ignited my love of books

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