Shane Watson (Part 1) on how my batting, bowling and fielding evolved over time


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This is a special episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats where the tables are turned! Over two parts, it's my turn to share the lessons I have learnt over my life and career, with champion Aussie batsman and good mate Mike Hussey picking my brain. I've soaked up so much golden information over the years and can't wait to discuss what I've discovered along the journey. Part One touches on batting, bowling, catching and fitness, while Part Two (available now) features the mental side of the game, the media, finance and other life lessons. I hope you enjoy my chat with Huss.


04:00 - Huss and I begin by talking about highlights and favourite moments from my career

12:00 - I go in depth about the batting techniques I have used throughout my career and how my batting has evolved

23:45 - We then move on to bowling and how I had to change from bowling as fast as I could to relying more on the skills I developed

32:43 - How I worked on my catching and my routines for every ball

36:36 - Here I talk about fitness, my injury history and how I believe cricket-specific exercises should be encouraged

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