Shane Watson (Part 2) on getting the right advice, my mental approach and succeeding in business


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The shoe is on the other foot this week as I chat to Aussie legend Mike Hussey about the lessons I have learnt through my life and career. This is part two of my chat with Huss, and on this episode we cover mental skills, the media, finance, business and the mantras I live by. It was great to share my experiences with Huss and I hope it can help.


00:15 - We start by chatting about the mental side of the game and the skills and techniques I have acquired during my career

15:30 - The media play a huge role for current cricketers, so I talk about how I dealt with the media and offer some advice to aspiring players

22:05 - The lessons I have learnt from a finance, investment and business have been tough and many, but I am so glad I can share what I went through

39:48 - The two main mantras I live my life by, which have come from a school teacher and my mother

47:15 - I've been lucky to meet so many inspiring people and here I name two have really made an impact on my life

50:41 - I love to read, so to close out my chat with Huss I talk about a few of the books that I have found to be insightful

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