Simon Katich on picking a fight, our partnership and his new role as a coach


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One of the highlights of my career was opening the batting with Simon Katich and I'm thrilled to have him on this week's episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats. Kat was one of the toughest and most resilient players to don the Baggy Green and loved getting into the contest, which I know as both his teammate and opponent. Kat's insights into batting, coaching and the mental side of the game make this a must-listen for any aspiring cricketer or athlete and I am so grateful to have him share his experiences. Enjoy.

Episode rundown

01:17 - Batting with Kat and my favourite knock of his

05:32 - Kat's personal and team career highloights

12:02 - The batting techniques Kat used to have success

21:36 - The fitness side of the game and the lessons Kat learnt

34:03 - Kat's experiences as a coach

39:04 - The mental skills Kat used and developed

1:00:36 - How Kat handled the media and his role as a commentator

1:06:02 - Kat's financial and investment philosophy

1:14:52 - The mantra Kat uses to get through the tough times life dishes up

1:20:58 - The inspiring people Kat has met

1:24:43 - The standout books Kat has read

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Kat's 122 vs England at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff in the 2009 Ashes Series -

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