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This week I’m airing a recent interview where I was a guest on the new podcast Back To You with Emily Schultz. Emily and I met years ago at my book launch in Columbus and kept in touch ever since. In this episode we have a candid catch up about change during a year of uncertainty and how the pandemic has impacted us. We get into how the last several months have been, podcasting, creativity, and change. Emily is an amazing host and I loved seeing where she took the conversation. She is an alum of our podcast kit and just launched her show Back to You this week. I also give a few favorites in the intro.

Show notes:

- The Podcast Kit

- Emily's Podcast Back To You

- Katie on the Indecisively Decisive Podcast

- Simi Botic

- Josh Radnor

- Spiraling with Katie Dalebout & Serena Wolf

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