Pro Tip: Practice Your Kegels On His D*ck


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On another episode of The Roast of Taylor Jackson (I mean Let Me Finish) Abby opens up the episode with a recap of the dumb shit Taylor did this weekend. Taylor confirms all rumors to be true but sees it as a “fresh start.” Abby blesses us with her new sex tip and let’s just say it involves kegels. They shift gears to a listener email about a friend-turned-hookup and Abby & Taylor urge her to GTFO out of the friend zone before it’s too late. Moral of this week’s Hot Virgin Club initiation: never let a man bet on your virginity….let alone date that man for five months after. Abby & Taylor wrap up the episode by urging you to talk sh*t on your sh*tty ex and send a Roast Your Ex to them:

Did you lose your virginity in a cringeworthy way? Want to roast your ex on air? Have a disaster roommate you want to talk sh*t on? Or just need advice on the sh*t going on in your life? Email us at

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