#58 Mind Boggling w/ Abz Ali


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"A Day Without Laughter is a Day Wasted" - Charlie Chaplin

Comedy is awesome, isn't it? There is a special skill to make a room full of people laugh.

I have been getting more and more into the comedy world over the years, learning of comics like Theo Von, Chris D'elia, Bryan Callen, Bobby Lee and a ton more from around the world.

Only recently have I started learning about the local UAE comedy scene and my first attempt was visiting a local comedy show hosted by Comedy Kix, a UAE comedy club.

What brought me there is a story of its own and the result was awesome.

One comedian really grasped the attention of the crowd through his crowd work, it had a strong feel of Andrew Schulz, and that was Abz Ali.

After the show, I invited Abz on the podcast and when we started recording I knew it was gonna be an interesting one.

This one is for the books! I hope you enjoy it and laugh along with us.

You can find Abz Ali here

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