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On this week's 'Lets Talk Leadership' podcast our hosts Sandra and Elly were joined by Carsten Windler who is the Head of Development at KW-Commerce.
Carsten has spent the past 15 years as an industry leader in software development for travel and tourism and e-commerce business’ across Berlin.
We were thrilled to have Carsten on the podcast and find all about his interesting story. Carsten took us on tour of his journey so far and it was fantastic to hear about how he has grown throughout his career and how he got to where he is now.
We learned all about how Carsten faces and overcomes challenges. Carsten opened up to our hosts about how working at C-level wasn’t right for him and offered some fantastic advice for our listeners who feel the same but still want to progress.
Carsten is a very honest and passionate leader and his enthusiasm to be the best he can be is very motivating!
Thank you for being such a fantastic guest Carsten, we learned so much from you!

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