155: Bring Transparency to Trucking with Loadshop


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Loadshop is an online marketplace that connects carriers and shippers in the trucking space, eliminating the middleman, and so providing transparent, efficient and cost-effective solutions for both sides of the transaction. On a mission to create trucking with transparency, they might be a new kid on the block, but they’re utilizing the extensive industry experience of their cross-functional team to ensure they’re on the road to success.

Today, Loadshop's Business Lead, Hunter Burke, will be chatting about the Loadshop marketplace, its benefits, and the future of trucking.


[05.56] The history behind the Loadshop brand and the core problems that led to its creation.

“The idea started with seeing how much work it is to match loads and trucks in a spot market environment.”

[11.02] What Loadshop does and how it works.

[12.45] The impact of lack of transparency on the ease and efficiency of shipping.

“The lack of transparency creates so many games that the industry are sick of playing.”

[14.29] The benefits of Loadshop to both carriers and shippers.

“Because Loadshop charges a flat transparent fee, only when a match is made, it removes the risk premium that brokers add to their rates.”

[19.25] How Loadshop helps shippers to break out of their comfort zone by opening up a wider breadth of supplier choice.

[21.04] The role that platforms like Loadshop play in modern supply chain.

[23.23] The balance between new platforms like Loadshop and traditional brokers.

[25.22] The importance of transparency.

“It’s an infusion of more information that allows everyone to make better decisions!”

[29.06] A real life example of how Loadshop helps its customers.

[30.47] Loadshop’s Smart Spot system and how it can help.

[32.07] The future of trucking.


Head over to Loadshop’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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