How Dom Santaniello Left Corporate & Built a Downturn-Proof, Cash Flowing Real Estate Business in 18 Months


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Building on the right model and focusing on the right metrics is the key to getting the early wins, and setting yourself up for a profitable future. Success isn’t just about a return on investment, it’s about a return on your time. In a volatile market, net cash flow and a steady ship is more important than appreciation and big numbers.

In today’s episode, we’re joined by a real estate entrepreneur who left corporate, and started a brokerage and investing operation that weathered the financial storm of 2020.

How did he reverse engineer a successful transition from corporate to entrepreneurship? Why is he more focused on cash flow than net worth in this market?

In this episode, real estate broker, investor, entrepreneur, active landlord and co-owner of Naples Home Buyers & Naples Realty Group, Dom Santaniello shares how to build a solid real estate operation from the ground up and bring it to stability in 18 months.

"Our portfolio value is going to go down, based on where we are in the market. We’re focused on building the cash flow that’s going to power us through the downturn." -Dom Santaniello

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How to leave corporate and have a soft landing in real estate Could you be losing money and valuable time holding onto your fixed salary, and how can you cover your living expenses with your first rental property?

  • Why net cash flow is the most important metric with rentals As markets shift, the value of your portfolio is going to fluctuate. How do we make sure our “salary” stays the same even if our “stock price” goes down?

  • The power of combining real estate sales and investing Being an investor makes you a better agent, and being an agent makes you a better investor. How does Dom Santaniello use both to create the ultimate service for clients?

Guest Bio-

Dom Santaniello is a real estate broker, investor, entrepreneur, active landlord and co-owner of Naples Home Buyers & Naples Realty Group. Prior to working as a Real Estate Broker, Investor and Entrepreneur, he worked as a Natural Gas Pipeline Engineer for Kinder Morgan, the third largest energy company in North America. Dom earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from The University of Hartford where he graduated in the top 10% of his class. Dom has also earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from American International College.

Dom’s main role in Naples Home Buyers is Business Development, Lead Generation & Project Acquisitions. Dom has brought a unique perspective to the local real estate market and is fueled by a strong foundation of analytical, financial and sales skills. The Naples team specializes in buying distressed properties, adding value through capital improvements, stabilizing the property with market rents (where applicable) and then either refinancing or selling the property. Since 2020, Dom and his business partner, Luke Giusto, have closed over 50 deals together that range from Single Family fix & flips to Multi-family Buy & Holds and Multi-family BRRR projects. They have quickly built a seven-figure rental property portfolio that consists of over 25 stabilized, turnkey, Class B+ units that produce an average of $500-$650 NET profit per door.

For more information, visit or contact Dom directly

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